Soul'd Out (ft. David Mason)
The lead single from  October 2016 's disco dance album

Return Of Future Disco!

"This track was a collaboration between myself and an extremely talented producer from NYC, David Mason.  We were able to capture the essence of what I called "Future Disco" in the form of this jackhammer club banger."

Won't Change My Name
Another original from Return Of Future Disco!

This track delves deep into the struggles of self acceptance.
"Being name shamed as a kid, I grew to hate my own name. Now, I say it often just to hear it roll off my own tongue."

Love Yourself.  Strenghts and faults alike. A name isn't everything. But if you decide to own it, there can be POWER in it!

Produced by M.Fasol.

Far Away (Ft. Ethos)
This free-standing single is a self-motivator.  
"I wrote it six months after moving to Seattle, meeting so many incredible artists right away, and diving headfirst into chasing destiny."

Our dreams are never as far away as we think.  Just don't forget to stop and look up. ​ Shout out to ETHOS for his blessing on the track!

Produced by DJsNeverEndingStory.



August 19, 2017

A Celebration of the queer black experience.  No one can steal our divine royal status.  Black is beatiful, black is bold, black is the FUTURE!
Return Of Future Disco!
October 15, 2016

A Pleasant Progression Into The Past, this up-tempo, feel-good, groovy album mixes old school familiarity with modern R&B vibes for a sexy disco dance party.

March 8, 2016

COSMIC OPULENCE (n); The infinite and unquantifiable richness of the universe made up of all living, and non-living things.  We all came from stardust.  My very first, self-produced album.